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 A new name and a new ambitious direction for Elian means another conscious uncoupling rebrand project for us here at Curious as this exciting, newly formed company part ways with the Ogier Group, allowing both businesses to pursue their own goals.

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September 2014

Thomas Miller manages or owns a broad international portfolio of insurance, professional and investment service businesses. They number 16. How do you build internal cohesion when there has been more loyalty to the individual companies than to the Thomas Miller group? You get Curious to create an integrated internal communications programme.

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August 2014

A new name, but not a new practice. Last month saw the launch of AHR, formerly the UK division of Aedas, now a 450-strong practice for award winning architecture and building consultancy, after a conscious uncoupling allowing both businesses to develop their separate ambitions.

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JULY 2014

AB InBev gave us yet another challenge recently. How to develop a creative toolkit to help launch a new rum-flavoured premium beer called Cubanisto. This is aimed at a ‘tech-savvy trendsetter’ audience (responsibly though) creating the excitement inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.

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JUNE 2014

If you are looking for a certain type of property - private residence, investment, city or country - Prime Purchase specialise in finding you the space you seek. They are experts in uncovering properties before they even come 
on the market. Their proposition needed more emphasis in order to lift 
their brand. 

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MAY 2014

Electrolux has long been equipping the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs around the world. Using this expertise, they now bring the imaginative cook the Electrolux Gourmet – a range of appliances that enables professional results to be achieved in the home. Our task: to sell-in the Gourmet range to premium kitchen dealers.

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APRIL 2014

David M Robinson design,
make and retail the most
beautiful jewellery
collections, and bespoke
pieces. They are there for
every special moment in
life from engagements
and weddings to

David M Robinson has
come along way since
beginning life in a small
Liverpool workshop –
this brand story was one
we couldn’t wait to tell.

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MARCH 2014

Our client, AB InBev, tasked
Curious with promoting a
new on-trade ‘Restaurant
Attack’, using the apéritif
experience to drive sales
of Leffe Royal beer in high
end restaurants across
Brussels. Leffe Royal is
the perfect apéro partner
for cured meats, hard
cheeses and seafood -
a great strategy for
increasing beer
consumption and
creating new sales for
restaurant owners.

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Projection Artworks deliver extraordinary spectacles that are just jaw dropping. Across historic landmarks, iconic buildings, relics, objects, products… their projection technology will blow your mind. They are amazingly creative, and this excitement needed to be contained in their brand.

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In 2013 we got busy being
curious about: zythology,
sousvide cooking, Britain's
oldest newspaper,
copyright law, yoga,
brand metrics, Lithuania,
historical novels, the
science behind sleeping,
fine dining, poetry, luxury
watches and yachts,
coated paper, Portugese
pavements, marine
insurance and a love
of bookshops amongst
other things!

Thanks to all our lovely
clients for their continuing
support. We're looking
forward already to a
busy 2014.

December 2013

Buying a new kitchen, and fitting it out with the latest ovens and culinary wizardry is all very exciting. Until you have to get to grips with how everything works! Thank goodness for the Electrolux Steam Starter Kit – specially designed to overcome the novelty of using your new steam oven.

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Sometimes things just
click together. And when
the new yoga studio called
Fierce Grace came to
us we developed a logo,
language and identity
that echoed their irreverent
ethos and created an iconic
symbol for them that was
born directly out of the
name. They launch
this week.

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