We help you be curious

About yourselves, your audience, your competitors, your ambitions, your future. We inform where you sit in the landscape. Where the white space is. The opportunity you should ‘own’. Then we help you rise above Same.

The fun of friction

Wouldn’t the world be dull if you always knew what you were going to get? It takes different people with different skills and different perspectives to make a project interesting. That’s why we welcome the twists and turns, and healthy debates along the way.

Meet No.77 Dean Street

Curious is made up of the industry’s brightest and nicest people. We’re a company of creative thinkers, visionary strategists, bold designers, digital innovators, efficiency coordinators, content creators, motion makers, name generators… everyone gets a mention.

Our people

    Emma Clarke

    Mid-weight Designer

    Emma joined Curious at the beginning of 2019, after being a design intern. (Lucky us.) She loves working across a brand’s many exciting touchpoints - making ideas tangible so consumers can easily interact with them. Emma enjoys contributing to the creative process – equally skilled at having ideas and drilling down into the finer detail.

    Bryony Maiklem

    Junior Digital Strategist

    Bryony is a recent history and politics graduate, excited to be starting her career at Curious. As a junior digital strategist, she enjoys figuring out how people think and translating her discoveries into actionable insights for our clients. She has particularly enjoyed working on projects for Budweiser and Food Matters Live.

    Gary Smith

    Creative Communications Director

    Gary’s expertise lies in making exciting things happen. He is a dedicated and talented designer and big thinker with extensive experience of bringing brands to life from London to China and everywhere in between. The comms side is a key part of making brands live and breathe; Gary transforms brand ideas into communications for clients from multiple sectors.

    Nikki Cunningham

    Managing Director

    Nikki steers our curious ship and makes sure we stay curious – and questioning, and bold and brave so we can deliver work we are all proud of. Passionate about ideas, she knows how to give brands a sense of purpose. Nikki thrives on making change happen for us and for our clients, never shying away from what needs to be said.

    Ottway Claris

    Senior Digital Designer

    Ottway puts the user at the heart of every project, enabling him to create beautiful and meaningful experiences that impact users’ lives for the better. His experience working as both an agency and in-house designer gives him a distinct understanding of business needs and what success looks like for a client.

    Peter Rae

    Founder/Executive Creative Director

    Peter loves ideas. It shows in the work, the business he has built, and the leadership positions he has held in both advertising agencies and branding. His sense of curiosity has taken him all over the world. He is immensely proud of Curious and the difference our brand thinking and communications makes to our clients.

    Tom Windsor

    Digital Creative Director

    Tom heads up all things digital, delivering beautiful, relevant and engaging experiences. He is involved from day one, directing a digital first approach to design, ensuring our creative scales perfectly to the fluid digital world our clients operate in.

    Alice Munday

    Associate Design Director

    Alice is an exciting conceptual thinker and award-winning designer with considerable experience having worked on brands of all shapes and sizes. She has a special skill in generating big ideas that explode out 360, always with beautifully crafted executions. Alice takes the lead on many of our client projects, delivering creative solutions that produce strong brands.

    Becky Rae

    Head of Copy

    Becky loves exploring the voice behind a brand. How it speaks. What personality it has. Serious. Human. Unassuming. Irreverent. She brings three decades of experience to projects, generating ideas to solve client problems and engaging consumers with powerful messages that lead to meaningful responses for brands.
It’s the best thing when someone says something nice about you.

“Curious were able to understand exactly what we wanted to communicate to our growing audience and capture this in a brand that is both great to look at and also true to who we are as a company. They’ve been a pleasure to work with.”

Ben Bradford
Chief Executive BB7 Group Limited