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Awards alert: Curious picks up THREE Graphis Poster Awards


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Curious are extremely proud to have picked up two Golds and a Silver for our series of posters at the 2022 Graphis Poster Annual Competition.


In their own words, “Graphis is committed to promoting the work of exceptional talent in Design, Advertising, Photography and Art/Illustration”, and we’re chuffed to be included in that category!

About our winners:

GOLD: The Kite Factory

Following their rebrand in 2018, we were thrilled to work with TKF again to bring their new company values to life. Our original work was based on the insight that ideas lie at the heart of the agency. And not just any ideas, the sort that deliver measurable, tangible results. Ideas grounded in data-driven insights that are tightly connected to the real world.

The charming twist in the design was that the kite itself was never seen. Instead, the string that tethers the kite to the ground was the main feature. It was and is the perfect reflection of the brand purpose: ideas that take flight but are deeply grounded in insight. We used this thinking to inspire our new project.

We took the kite string focus even further with this series, extending it from the logo and twisting it into shapes that visually represent The Kite Factory’s values; ‘Aim higher, Think freely, ‘Win together, ‘Get involved, and ‘Stay smart’. The posters are displayed throughout the Kite Factory office to encourage their employees to aspire to these values as they work.

See our original work here.

GOLD: Fierce Grace

To create a brand that felt different from other yoga companies, we stayed away from the spiritual, bowing, meditation and chanting, and focused on the ideas behind the creation of Fierce Grace. Founder Michele Pernetta believes that yoga balances strength, which is the masculine element (Fierce) with flexibility, the feminine element (Grace). This belief informed our approach to the design and allowed us to be authentic to Fierce Grace.

We used bold, contemporary photography and delicate typography to portray the balance between strength and flexibility that lies at the heart of Fierce Grace. The posters have been blown up and feature in all four Fierce Grace locations across London.

View the full case study here.


Zyte opens a smooth pathway to web data, giving businesses a competitive advantage. This is visually manifested with the striking use of the ‘Zyte Z’ and supported by the headline, ‘Is your business missing out?’. We wanted to create a series of posters that were bold and exciting and captured the brand’s energetic approach while signalling the arrival of a new game changer.

The Zyte poster campaign encapsulates an energetic new approach for a brand who believes in free-flowing channels of information for all. In a sector that is often dry, this bold approach stands out from competitors and the clean design demonstrates Zyte’s ability to cut through the mysteries of the web and talk to businesses on a personal level.

View the full case study here.

Find out more about the awards and browse the other winners here.

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