Your brand is the mouthpiece for your business. It’s there to tell people why you exist. We define your ‘one thing’ and bring your purpose to life so you can rise above the bland.

Why brand?

A number of reasons. Your brand no longer reflects your ambitions. Hard to admit, but your competitors are doing a better job. Your identity is a bit last year. The market has shifted and you need to respond. Or you’re launching and your vision needs a name and personality. We’re here to offer a full re-brand or just a light dusting off.


Branding is emotional connection

A brand that speaks consistently across its touchpoints not only reinforces its personality, it builds trust. We build consistency, creating a solid base. We align who you are with how you’re represented making your brand feel genuine and authentic. People will know what to expect from your brand, they will feel reassured and an emotional connection is then formed – the holy grail – resulting in brand loyalty.

We can make a brand visible however we (or our clients) choose – physically, digitally, filmically, socially, graphically, conceptually, tonally, consistently… beautifully. It all starts with what you (and your brand) need.


Zuma — Showing the intensity of experience

  • Visual Identity
  • Digital
  • Restaurant

Zuma’s restaurants are known worldwide for their contemporary Japanese cuisine, amazing interiors and out of this world service. They’re THE place to eat. The only thing that hadn’t been carefully considered was their brand.


Zuma has always been blue. Indigo blue. But the way it was being used didn’t show its full potential. Indigo isn’t static. It’s dynamic. Like Zuma, it’s constantly evolving, a world of sensations. It’s intoxicating and sensorial. We needed to unlock its energy.

iQ Student Accommodation — Space to be you

  • Visual Identity
  • Digital
  • Law

iQ needed re-energising so it oozes brand leadership in a market where everyone feels quite similar and unexceptional. They are welcoming students from any country, from all walks of life.


The new identity and logo needed to be fresh and youthful. Our look and language had to be vibrant yet homely and universal. This isn’t a soulless hostel. But a place where independence is explored and individuality is celebrated.

Latest thinking
Latest thinking

Transform Awards 2024


  • Curious
  • Awards

Transform Awards 2024

We’re feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after our wins last week at the annual Transform Awards Europe 2024.

Recognising the very best in all things branding, the Transform Awards is a real highlight in our calendar. We were thrilled to come away with 4 awards for our work over the past year and have them proudly displayed in our office to admire. Find out more about the awards here.

About our winners:


Best visual identity (energy and utilities): Silver

Best creative strategy (business):Bronze

Picking up two accolades was the rebrand project we worked on for Evero. Previously known as Bioenergy Infrastructure Group, they came to us in need of a new (slightly snappier) name, and a brand that could capture what they were capable of. Upon starting the project we quickly realised that they were actually capable of quite a lot – technically being able to turn coffee cups into jet fuel!

So our challenge was trying to bottle this up in a strategy that could articulate the complexity of their technology into something that could capture their story. Our creative strategy was focussed on transformation: taking something that people don’t want (waste) and turning it into something that they do (energy). Our name and visual identity then brought this to life through our Big Idea of Restoring Balance.

Working on this project was not only satisfying from a creative perspective, but also it allowed the team to work on a brand that truly deserves to be here, creating a more sustainable future and circular economy.

Read the full case study here


Best use of visual property: Bronze

Best visual identity (food and beverage): Bronze

We were delighted our work with Zuma was recognised across two categories this year. Our work with Zuma started back in 2019 when the restaurant group Azumi came to us in need of some strategic consulting for both Roka and Zuma. We’ve since worked on the Zuma brand throughout the pandemic (which was quite a feat with a restaurant brand!) looking at the overall visual identity and website.

The original strategy we created for Zuma was centred around the intensity of experience when you enter one of their restaurants around the globe. Once we landed the brand story, we then had to work out what we could bring to the existing brand to create the energy and vibrancy needed in order to replicate what it felt like inside. We took the existing colour palette of indigo and learned about the Japanese tradition of shibori printing. Working in partnership with a Japanese collective called BUAISOU, we produced a one of a kind print that we then digitally enhanced and applied across the brand.

Rich and enigmatic, it allowed us to bring the core spirit of Zuma to life across the branding – rooted in the traditional processes and culture of Japan, but with that crucial contemporary twist. We incorporated our bespoke indigo patterns and textures into stationery, business cards, packaging, restaurant collateral and even a taxi!

Read the case study here

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