Branding services

We give you a presence in the world

We define ‘your one thing’ and bring your brand purpose to life physically, digitally, filmically, socially, graphically, conceptually, tonally, consistently… beautifully.

Giving tangibility to intangibles
Meaningful strategic brand thinking becomes visible through a powerful combination of visual language (how you look), tone of voice (how you sound) and creative ideas (how you wow). We create everything you need to showcase who you are to the world.

Where the Bong Trees grow
We let our minds loose on an idea and see where it takes us. Conceptual thinking beautifully designed, crafted and applied across your brand’s touchpoints is the emotional ‘glue’ – and how we turn your brand into a valuable experience.

Why change?
A number of reasons. Your brand no longer reflects your ambitions. Hard to admit, but your competitors are doing a better job. Your identity is a bit last year. The market has shifted and you need to respond. Or you’re launching and your brand vision needs a name and personality. We’re here to offer a full re-brand or a light dusting off.

What we do

• Brand identity
• Brand toolkit
• Brand guidelines
• Tone of voice
• Messaging
• Brand film
• Communications