A new direction for legal services


What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, website, literature, stationery, merchandise


The project
When asset management companies want to register a new fund across borders, there is an alternative to the big, costly law firms. There is Zeidler – with a different, more streamlined and efficient way of doing things.

Every year Zeidler carries out hundreds of fund registrations in 45 jurisdictions. They launched in 2009 with a refreshing ‘take’ on the law, developing a dynamic approach to doing business that challenged the status quo. The brand, however, was not aligning with their core values and vision for the company and felt flat in comparison. We created the refreshed identity and tone of voice they needed to reflect their exciting attitude and position Zeidler ahead of the game.

We developed a simple brand idea to show that Zeidler has taken their approach to law in an alternative direction. The logo we designed serves as a direct embodiment of the forward thinking service at the heart of the company. From the elements in the logo, we created a powerful graphic device to brand our illustrations and iconography. A subtle visual reminder that the world of law is changing.

We developed a refreshed brand; giving Zeidler a new injection of personality across their creative deliverables – from their website to their communications and their guidelines. They are out to change things – in those areas of the legal markets that are susceptible to change. Their brand now reflects this attitude.