A smooth pathway to web data


What we did
Brand strategy, naming, brand identity, website, brand video, merchandise


The project
Zyte, previously known as Scrapinghub, offers a simple and fast way to access accurate web data. Referred to in the tech world as ‘data extraction’, they know where and how to retrieve invaluable information that businesses would just love to get their hands on.

Zyte is confident and excited about the future because web data retrieval is set to grow and grow. The problem currently is that they are only really known to a developer audience as the ‘techy’ people. To move forward, Zyte needed to become accessible to a business audience – by developing a customer focused personality, changing their name from Scrapinghub, clearly communicating the business benefits of what they do and creating a compelling, leadership brand that removes the mystery of web data extraction.

Firstly, Scrapinghub needed a new name. ‘We created ‘Zyte’ to capture the brand’s energetic approach and signal the arrival of a new game changer. But what can this dynamic new brand do for your business? It was important to demonstrate the brand purpose clearly and simply. Zyte opens a smooth pathway to web data, giving businesses a competitive advantage. Without these essential insights and learnings, they are definitely missing out on vital market knowledge. Our new visual identity has been designed to capture our strategic thinking. And depict a brand that believes in free-flowing channels of information for all.