Apart but connected

Parallel Financial

What we did
Brand strategy, naming, brand identity, tone of voice, website, stationery, literature, animation, merchandise

Financial services

The project
Parallel are financial advisors and employee benefits gurus. They exist to financially advise and guide people and companies within the creative industries. The worlds of finance and creative feel far apart but actually they go together perfectly.

Music Media, as they were called when they came to us, had a perception challenge. When you consider the brand purpose, their name didn’t make sense. It took you in the completely wrong direction – to a different kind of brand and sector. Their brand wasn’t in tune with their creative audience; it didn’t speak to them. We needed to develop a strategy, generate a new name, and creative direction that felt fresh and different within a sector that looks dry and corporate. While also making sure the brand’s employee benefits offer sits neatly under the same strategy.

Our strategy centres around a simple idea that shows the brand’s deep understanding of the creative world. They think in parallel. Our naming captured the core thought (luckily it was available) and Music Media transformed into Parallel Financial. The new identity depicts two sides working together – apart but connected. A complementary combination. The language we created reinforces the strategy. The words, separately, are an entry point into firstly the ‘needs’ of the client world. And secondly the ‘value’ Parallel adds. For example, Future Ready. A client wants money management advice for the ‘Future’ and Parallel are here ‘Ready’ with the way forward. These are called collocations – two things that go together.


Parallel Black Notebook

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