Imagination powered by borderless thinking


What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, website, merchandise

Fire safety and security

The project
BB7 is not a typical fire and security consultancy company. They take a strategic and collaborative view delivering solutions that work with the design, construction and aesthetics of buildings – not against them.

BB7 is growing fast, acquiring like-minded companies to give a more rounded offering and make the work they do even better. They have a different way of seeing the world; coming at things from the side of the people actually creating and using the buildings. Championing creativity rather than stifling it. We needed to create a brand that reflects the ambitions of a growing company. A brand that communicates how the business considers the bigger picture, working alongside architects and developers from the start – thinking across borders to get the right solutions fit for the future.

The entrepreneurial spirit, confidence and unique culture of the company is neatly locked into their name – BB7. ‘Seven’ guiding principles lie at the heart of the brand. It felt right that they should form the basis of the new identity and shine through everything they do. The new brand champions the BB7 values, firmly connects them to the business and captures the companies bigger picture view with a strategic core thought: Imagination powered by borderless thinking.