Family comes first

Vet Partners

What we did
Brand identity, brand strategy, tone of voice


The project
VetPartners is a veterinary group offering a secure and caring home for veterinary practices. They are founded by vets. They are vets. The last thing they want is to be seen as a corporate network seeking to ‘standardise’ practices everywhere.

Most veterinary groups are promising the same things. Scale, efficiencies, operational support… VetPartners wanted to keep away from the ‘formal’ positioning of a large corporate network and put a stake in the ground as a challenger brand. They understand vets; they know how a vet practice runs – so they are well placed to challenge the claims of vet care groups who pretend to protect the freedom and individuality of practices. VetPartners actually do. We needed to capture a brand built on partnership, openness, care and choice.

VetPartners are full of energy and passion for their profession. They want to help practices be the best version of themselves; not by ‘standardising’ and making everyone look and act the same but through empowerment and choice. We created a platform from which to develop a new look and feel for the brand and communicate a whole variety of messages. ‘We are family’ became our core thought and delivered a culture of care, mutual respect and belonging. This umbrella idea informed our new identity and tone of voice; delivering a brand that stands out in an environment of corporate formality and ‘sameness’.


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