How do you project creativity?

Pixel Artworks pushes the boundaries of digital technology, delivering extraordinary spectacles that have surprised, astonished, engaged and moved people in over 36 cities internationally, from New York to Nairobi. Imaginative artists, they needed a brand that reflected their anything is possible attitude.

Capture the magic
Their brand identity had little to do with the way PixelArtworks feels as a company. Their brand needed to contain this excitement, capture the magic, and communicate the immersive nature of what they do while reflecting the creative output of their technology.

Inspired by amazing ability
We developed a brand that was influenced by elements of the 3D technology they use – mapping onto polygon shapes. We created the logo, an abstract P and A, and extended the idea to a simple visual language that can be applied (and ‘mapped’) on to any imaginable (and unimaginable) canvas.

Show what you can do
The bold graphic language plays with perspective to draw the audience in and reinforce the 360 immersive experiences Pixel Artworks creates. The new identity now clearly articulates that they can make the impossible possible.

The results are in
Our client confirms the result: “We’ve had more direct work and an increase in global projects. Two massive ticks against our objectives.”