How do you rise up against mediocre marketing?

Uprise Up

What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, website


The project
Size doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good. That’s outdated thinking. So when Uprise Up came to us because senior decision makers were favouring larger, more well-known digital marketing agencies, we knew exactly what they needed to do.

Uprise Up are the digital marketing experts for the charity sector. They don’t shout about it. They just are. Despite the expertise of their management and client service team, not to mention the proven results they achieve for their client’s digital marketing campaigns, they often get overlooked for what is considered a safe pair of hands. But safe doesn’t say exciting. Safe doesn’t say confident and brave. Safe also doesn’t deliver outstanding results for charity clients. It was time to take a stand.

We created a strategy that focuses on Uprise Up rebelling against mediocre marketing. Their core purpose is in their name. We gave them a new identity and personality which brought their revolutionary spirit to the fore and elevated them as a brand. Now they had permission to talk about themselves differently. To highlight their data skills and people strengths. To communicate what clearly sets them apart. They simply won’t stand for average work.

Charity clients looking for a new digital marketing partner won’t be in any doubt that this is an agency that pushes for exceptional.