How to achieve professional results in the kitchen


What we did
Art direction, literature, tone of voice


The project
Electrolux needed help launching a super-premium range of appliances: Electrolux ‘Gourmet’ which enables imaginative home cooks to explore their creative aspirations and achieve superior results.

The Electrolux Gourmet range is made with professional insights and expertise. It allows culinary enthusiasts to enjoy the very same quality of equipment and advance technology that Michelin-starred chefs use in their own demanding kitchens. There is an important story to tell across a whole range of premium appliances designed to enable individual creativity.

To showcase the range and highlight the technology of key products, we focused on communicating the culinary story, using food photographer John Blackwell to capture the taste and texture of food. Inspiring but bold, the imagery successfully conveys the amazing and aesthetic results that can be achieved with the Gourmet range.

Each page of the beautifully crafted tipped-in brochure is designed to express the superior capability of the products; from ovens with multiple steam levels to Infinite induction hobs, and a fully integrated food and wine centre. The brochure takes care to introduce kitchen dealers to the ‘fit and feel’ of the Gourmet range so they, in turn, can inspire consumers who are looking to reach a new level of culinary results.

Photography: John Blackwell