It takes Two


What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice, website, brand book, literature, stationery, merchandise

Design and build

The project
Two is a design and build company. They create positive working environments that draw people in and make them want to work there. We needed to create and launch a new brand – to start ups and growing companies with big dreams.

Two came to us with a name, a business opportunity and an infectious enthusiasm, but this hadn’t filtered through to their brand. They felt interesting. They didn’t feel exciting. Or indeed look like they were ready to disrupt the category. They needed to build a brand their clients wanted to partner and build their ambitions with. We needed to show the benefit of working closely together, rather than with a large, corporate powerhouse. We set about creating a personality that moved Two into a more exciting and creative world.

We created a brand for Two with a simple idea at its heart: the best results are only achieved through the closest collaboration. In other words – it takes two. You + Me. Our new brand captures the special relationship that Two has with clients – by demonstrating that some things instinctively go together. When they’re brought together, things work. Magic happens.

This idea was captured using typographical word pairings. Word pairings that naturally complement each other: Pure + Simple. Work + Play. Call + Chat. Highlighting that it takes two to build ideas and create something transformative.

We launched the brand with a new website and supported this phase with a number of key creative deliverables from tote bags, umbrellas and stationery to livery and apparel. Taking care to create word pairings relevant to the medium – great opportunities to communicate the brand personality and be creative.


interior design, kitchen, office