Making business flow


What we did
Brand strategy, Brand identity, Tone of voice, Brand guidelines, Website, Brand video, Literature, Merchandise


The project
When you tap your debit card on the merchant’s machine what happens? As consumers we don’t give the whole ecommerce transaction process a second thought. For the business owner, they rely on a payments provider to make their business flow.

We live in a world where cash flow is everything. Declines, disputes, payment fraud, the 3-5 days settlement wait for funds to hit a merchant’s account all disrupt the flow of business and prevent owners from growing and moving forward. Technology has advanced but rather than addressing specific business needs and pain-points, there exists a complex payments system full of process and jargon. The payments industry has lost sight of the businesses they serve.

Cashflows has one focus: to make payments better by offering simple solutions that give a smoother, faster, connected and customer-centric experience.

We were tasked with defining the strategy and creating a new brand that would reflect Cashflows’ mission to change payments for the better. We wanted to demonstrate how they enable business to move seamlessly forward – they make business flow.

Everything we built into the new brand captures this single-minded concept. We developed a logo that animates to create a dynamic wordmark by extending the ‘o’ letterform. Smooth, fluid and simple, this ‘flow motion’ becomes the inspiration for our graphic device. Streams of movement, integrated with typography and imagery, that give a powerful ‘flow’ message.

Cashflows are challenging the industry and putting businesses where they should be. Right back in control.


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