Making experiences flow


What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice


The project
If you’ve called, emailed, or texted any brand, you’ve likely used NICE’s software. Their solutions transform CX (customer experience) from good enough to a highly personalised and seamless conversation. And, as exceptional becomes expected, every business will need their services.

New acquisitions and internal streamlining meant NICE’s technical capabilities were better than ever. The problem they faced was that although their solutions were industry-leading, they weren’t the household name they aspired to be. NICE needed a visual refresh and an elevated positioning to introduce themselves to the world.

We went beyond the functional and technical to showcase the emotional benefits of NICE’s solutions. They remove barriers, hold-ups, and indifference. Their cloud omnichannel, analytics and AI tech power make interactions smooth and personal. With NICE, customer experiences flow.

We wanted to define their capabilities as the ultimate standard. Our ‘be the smile’ graphic device symbolises the people-centric, emotive benefits of their future-embracing contact centre software. Our uplifting and motivational idea promises to transform a faceless organisation into a trusted and human experience. Together with ‘make experiences flow’, it perfectly captures NICE’s brand essence.