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What we did
Retail strategy, brand refresh, image library creation, retail guidelines, catalogue guidelines, tone of voice, literature, onboarding, packaging, merchandise


The project
With the launch of a major range of new appliances on the horizon, Zanussi briefed us to reflect their ‘surprisingly affordable’ positioning and give a more contemporary take on their Italian heritage.

The retail environment is a cluttered space where maximum stand-out is hard to achieve. There are also different types of retail channels that we had to consider. One is noisy and full of brands ‘shouting’ for consumer attention: the electrical environment. The other is more stylish and premium: the kitchen design studios. It was important that we created slightly different approaches when refreshing the Zanussi brand in order to appreciate the different needs of the two environments.

The Zanussi brand is about simple Italian design that looks great. The appliances are easy to use and surprisingly affordable. We refreshed the brand to reflect Zanussi’s optimistic, modern and easy-going personality.

Firstly, we rebalanced the colour palette – reclaiming the yellow and black colours as more dominant parts of the brand toolkit. We introduced a bar to underline the logo, using the colours from the Italian flag to signify Zanussi’s heritage. We also developed a very bold and simple headline style that focused on key benefits. We introduced ‘Easy’ to define their brand.

In busy electrical retail environments, immediate impact is vital. Yellow is used as a primary colour to create maximum stand out. While black is used with a subtle accent of the yellow for kitchen design studios. A sophisticated, ‘quieter’ environment.

Food photography: David Loftus
Food stylist: Nico Ghirlando


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