Putting paper into everyone’s hands


What we did
Concept development, art direction, tone of voice, literature

Paper manufacturing

The project
Sappi is one of the leading paper manufacturers in the world. On an average day, you will experience and touch one of their papers around seven times.

Anyone working with and specifying paper faces a confusing world of technical and functional detail. Paper weights, surface finishes, printing profiles… you need to touch and feel paper, experience the printing quality, in order to make the right paper choices. This understanding is key to delivering your brilliant idea or brand.

Sappi is a global brand so we worked together with US design agency VSA to develop a new universal, contemporary visual identity to work across all Swatchbooks in the coated paper range such as Sappi Magno and Sappi Galerie Art.

The Swatchbooks are an essential tool for creative people and print managers in agencies; we wanted to make decision-making both tactile and immersive. We created a unique and engaging graphic cover facet system developing imagery specifically to the paper grades.

We used still life photographer Rowan Fee to create the imagery. The swatchbooks have been printed in different languages and distributed throughout Europe.

Photographer: Rowan Fee

Sappi, swatch books, design, photography
Sappi, book, swatch, paper, design, photography