The delicious secret of rewarding customer loyalty


What we did
On-boarding communication materials, book design, art direction, tone of voice


The project
How do you continue the conversation after purchase of a premium steam oven? That was our challenge from our client Electrolux who wanted to make this phase of the consumer journey more welcoming.

The post purchase phase has traditionally been dry and uninviting with technical ‘How to’ manuals and important appliance registration requirements. Research showed that consumers felt cooking with steam was a radical change, so we had to educate while still appealing to an audience who love to cook.

We decided to bring the joy of food to life. But it was also important we helped consumers make the most of their new steam oven. Upon registration, loyalty was rewarded with a cookbook that invited consumers to enjoy cooking with a secret ingredient: steam. The many delicious recipes inside help unlock the secrets of their new oven.

Everyone has their own secret ingredient that they use to create amazing tastes. Our creative idea invited consumers to join a bigger conversation #SecretIngredient and share taste stories of their own.

We developed an inspirational post-purchase platform of ‘On-boarding’ tools that have been used across Europe. We created dialogue not just brand to consumer but also amongst our audience; everyone has been talking about great taste. As a result, consumers feel part of an Electrolux world demonstrated by the successful uplift in appliance registration.

Photography: David Loftus
Food stylist: Nico Ghirlando


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