The place to meet

Ves Vas

What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, literature, signage, merchandise

Food and drink

The project
We love it when clients as far flung as Kuwait approach us for strategic thinking and creative brand development. We were immediately intrigued by the name of their new brand of coffee shop: Ves Vas.

Kuwait is dominated by large commercial coffee chains such as Starbucks and Costa. We wanted Ves Vas to stand out amongst the giants – welcoming and premium, local and independent. The client has big ambitions to launch their new coffee shop brand firstly in the new Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre with more to follow in the Middle East and Europe. 

We grounded the new brand in Kuwaiti culture drawing upon the craft of Al Sadu weaving for our design inspiration. Using the prominent ‘Vs’ within the weaving, we could make a connection with the Ves Vas name and create a strong graphic logo and symbol that clearly signals this is the place to meet for a coffee.

We developed a new brand that puts culture and heritage at the centre but we interpreted our references in a fresh and contemporary way. The ‘meeting point’ device is a distinctive idea that we took across all touch points. It is a strong brand identity that is impactful and can be rolled out internationally.

Photographer: Signe Bay