Who is driving the future of food?

Food Matters Live

What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, website, event platform


The project
A better food future – that’s the goal of Food Matters Live. But, to stimulate industry innovation and increase their impact, they needed to change their approach. To go beyond their traditional two-day events and create somewhere their community can always gather.

They needed a digital-first solution to evolve their digital offering from an event booking site to an industry hub and exceed their audience’s increasing expectations of the virtual world.

Food Matters Live didn’t just want a new website. They wanted to revolutionize and restructure. Offering their community a place to learn, engage, connect, and be inspired.

With three distinct sub-brands and three distinct audiences, Food Matters Live’s website needed an interface that could scale and respond to different user types. And with content, events, awards and more all in one place, their brand had to act as a platform allowing their cleverly curated content and innovative community to shine.

It became apparent early on we had to create a really robust design. The scale of the website and the variety of functionalities it featured were vast. Our design had to work across numerous touchpoints for multiple kinds of users.

UX was key. We needed to start by understanding their audiences. Their aims, frustrations and needs. What makes them tick. We crafted user personas and journeys to inform and validate our design decisions.

Then we got to know their business requirements – going deep and looking to the future to see where the business could go. Becoming a strategic partner, working with Food Matters Live to discover all the ways their new website could benefit their business.

Food Matters Live has such big ideas. We knew that they’d want to grow in the future. So, to create something that doesn’t just work now, we developed a design system that they can take on and evolve. Not just brand guidelines, we designed a UI system that they can use to create new features and applications as they expand.