Why get stuck in the ‘same old’?

CrossBorder Solutions

What we did
Brand strategy, brand identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice, website, social media, brand video, direct mail, literature, sales tools, stationery, merchandise


The project
CrossBorder Solutions helps tax professionals in large multinationals comply with worldwide Transfer Pricing Regulations. Sound a bit dry? We’ve ensured that it isn’t, by creating a bold brand full of colour, energy and wit.

Quite simply, CrossBorder Solutions has changed the landscape with genius technology that delivers far superior Transfer Pricing Reports. Absolutely essential for satisfying the Taxman’s super-charged audit capabilities and avoiding penalties and adjustments. CrossBorder gets the rules and regulations for each country multi-nationals operate in. They have hyper-localised expertise across 104 countries.

So how do you ‘sell in’ a functional, tech-heavy service in a light-hearted way to an audience used to turning to the Big Four?

We created a challenger brand and heralded the arrival of a new standard. We needed to develop a new big, bold, brave identity that the multi-nationals would sit up and notice.

We created Fiona, your AI tax expert, commissioning illustrator Peter Grundy to bring her to life. Intrinsically linked to the CrossBorder brand, the ‘Fiona’ illustrations have a distinct look and feel that break the mould of this category. Wonderfully flexible, we are able to apply this exciting style across every touchpoint and reassure that CrossBorder has the local knowledge to be tax compliant.

This strong, distinctive brand and tone of voice works! We have grown the brand from $4 million to $14 million in bookings over the year. We are proud of our brand effectiveness.

Illustrator: Peter Grundy


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