It takes someone who is not you - to get you

You know when somethings off. You can’t quite put your finger on it. All the elements are there. Yet you can’t see the solution for all the great ideas on the table. We hear it all the time. It takes Curious Consulting to take you to where you want to be tomorrow.

The Curious Inventory
It’s not about being yourself – it’s about being your best self. Big difference. We use our ‘Curious Inventory’ to discover where you are today and where you want to go. We measure what that means against your landscape through analysing research. We identify the opportunities for growth.

What’s your magic?
We shape your story to create a compelling, personal narrative. Why you exist, the positioning you need to occupy, a single-minded proposition that is yours to own. You can do this when you’re curious.

Bolting on and on and on?
Adding new products and services. Acquiring or merging. Growing beyond all recognition…wait take a moment. Is everything still fitting together in a unified way? With a clear purpose for the customer?  Complexity easily creeps into brand architecture. We help you structure a flexible brand framework that makes sense. Clients have told us it’s like therapy.

Codifying your culture
We help to articulate what your brand means for your people. Mapping your employee experience back to your core brand values, allowing them to understand what it feels like for them to work there.

Your name is a shorthand for your brand. It should resonate, capture, articulate the most important element that needs communicating. It should also give a cue on what to expect from your personality – how you think/act/do. It’s where business meets brand.

What we do

• Research
• Brand audit
• Brand strategy
• Brand architecture
• Employer branding
• Naming
• Messaging framework
• Content strategy