Employer Branding

Whatever sector you’re in, whatever service you offer, we guarantee there will be one common thread making everything work behind the scenes: your people.

Your people are your brand

So it makes a lot of sense that they need to be thought about too when it comes to how you position yourself.

In fact, we actually think they are your most important audience. Because regardless of how shiny or different your brand or offer is, without their buy in, it won’t count. It works both ways – your people need to embrace and represent the brand, but in order for them to do this authentically, they need to see themselves represented.

We like to think of this give and take as a brand promise or Employee Value Proposition – this is something that should communicate why people should join you, stay with you…ultimately believe in you.


Values give meaning to a business

They are far more than just an extension of the brand. They should bring to life how a business thinks, feels and acts, elevating existing views of the business into ‘grabbable’ ideas.

Your people need to truly understand what it means for them personally. Here are a few of the rules we like to set when it comes to creating values (it’s a tall order, but important)…

  • They must resonate with everyone in the business, regardless of level.
  • They have to be realistic and achievable – you as a business on a really good day.
  • They can and should be restrictive, at times difficult to always abide by.
  • They need to give actions, so people know what to do with them.
  • Most importantly, they should be used as a clear and easy guide for the way the business as a collective behaves.

Mars — Make the difference

  • Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Confectionery

Make the Difference is a two-year local, regional, and global event culminating in a final and Gala in Washington DC. We created a messaging framework that would be equally motivational across all phases: from teaser, launch, and nominations to the grand final.


Through bright gifs, videos, and posters, rolled out across all of Mars’ internal communications, we kept associates up to date with Make the Difference. And for external audiences, we created a stream of engaging Instagram content to show off the great work and celebrations.


Vitacress — Growing brand alongside business

  • Visual Identity
  • Digital
  • Agriculture

Brands are usually thought about from an external perspective, but if you neglect to create a brand that speaks to your internal audience, you’ll struggle to maintain sustainable growth. For Vitacress, who wanted to attract new talent as well as retain existing employees, they needed to find a way to talk about their brand and what it meant.


Through workshops and conversations with a whole cross-section of the Vitacress team, we helped strategically rewrite their values. Now they ladder up to a clear purpose: Growing is at the heart of our business.

It promises employees that Vitacress is a place where you can trust their intentions. It’s there to do the best it can. To be a place where people can feel a part of something.

Latest thinking
Latest thinking

Employee Value Proposition: why you need one?


  • Employee Branding
  • Brand Purpose

Employee Value Proposition: why you need one?

When we think of brands, different thoughts and feelings about them come to mind. You might think affordable design (Ikea). You might think Cadbury is being very generous with its ‘glass and a half full’ of milk to make extra creamy chocolate. You might think KLM is open and honest about sustainable flying (or are they greenwashing) … anyway… the point is we think of brands in terms of our human needs, what we want, why we need them in our lives and how they deliver. We don’t tend to immediately think of the worker bees at the heart of brands driving the business forward – their employees.

Employees are consumers

Employees think of the brands they work for in the same way consumers do – with an emotional connection. If you have a great experience, you remain brand loyal, if the brand doesn’t live up to your expectations, you leave. It’s not enough to have an external facing presence out there in the marketplace, brand building, owning your space in the world – your brand and what you stand for has to be equally as magnetic inside company walls.

Put simply, your consumer brand and your employer brand come from the same place: from the brand proposition. You should be able to hear the brand voice, how it speaks and acts, whether you’re talking to consumers or to employees. The brand proposition should be able to divide and work for consumers (the consumer proposition) and/or for employees (the Employee Value Proposition, EVP).

Judge whether your brand has ‘stretch’

Even if we haven’t been tasked to develop the employer brand – the brand idea should have that ‘stretch’. (We’ll always have a view.) You should be able to weave it into your corporate DNA. Effortlessly. You should be able to take your consumer brand and evolve it internally. And vice versa. It’s one of the ways we judge our brand ideas. Is the thinking big enough? It should be.

Here’s the reasons

  • It’s your culture. Your EVP defines your workplace culture, demonstrates your commitment to employee well-being and provides a values framework for how people act and work.
  • It’s your future. The employer brand that crafts an authentic narrative about the organisational culture, values and opportunities will be better placed to attract suitable, emotionally invested employees who will help your business thrive. Top talent is drawn to companies with a strong employer brand – 69% of potential hires will reject job offers from companies who can’t offer a compelling EVP experience (statistics from Glassdoor).
  • It’s your employee satisfaction and growth. Not only will you be able to attract top talent, your employer brand helps retain existing staff. Research shows employees are more likely to stay with a company invested in their employee experience, personal development, and work-life balance.

It’s your carrot

Your competitors will certainly be dangling carrots. So yes, it is important to have an Employee Value Proposition to give you carrots of your own. Consider our recent rebrand for Vitacress where we put ‘growing’ at the heart of their business. We worked very closely with our client, getting under the skin of the issues, to define an EVP that would enhance their reputation in the job market and give employees a sense of belonging. We crafted an authentic narrative about the organisational culture, values and opportunities putting the company in a better place to attract the people they needed who could help drive the business forward.

We’re just curious…

  • Can you articulate your EVP?
  • Does it come from your brand?
  • Does your workforce need reinvigorating?

Feel free to get in touch if you’re curious about how we can help.

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