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How can we make our values valuable?


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Our values create an environment for us to push boundaries, create remarkable work, and build a better world. Read on as MD, Nikki Fraser, outlines why and how we codified our culture here at Curious.

At the end of 2022 we reached a pivotal point. We were delivering fantastic work, delighting our clients and seeing our way out of what was, of course, a very challenging couple of years.

But if we’re really honest, we also had some inconsistencies in our approach that created a strain on how we worked together as a team. So we took a breath. And started to try and ask the same questions of ourselves that we did for our clients:

“What makes us important?”

“How are we any better than the other agencies out there?”

“Why do we show up to work every day?”

These questions were naturally quite tricky to answer by ourselves (it’s the position the majority of our clients find themselves in when they come through our door). What is it we truly value as a team? What is it we need to hold ourselves accountable to? We were determined to put our finger on the answer, and avoid the classic pitfalls we see all too often – words on a page that may or may not be added to a website (we’re holding ourselves accountable for this not to be the case here!)

For the first time it felt glaringly obvious that we needed our own set of company values. Statements that everyone, regardless of who you are on the team, can be held up to. A reminder of how we arrive at our best work and enjoy it as well!

We agreed that our values (funnily enough) had to meet the same requirements as the ones we work on with our clients…

Realistic – We won’t all be good at them right away and some will come more naturally than others but everyone should be capable of achieving them.

Restrictive – At times they should feel difficult and constrictive, even stop us from doing things altogether. If they don’t, what purpose are they really serving?

A choice – If they’re realistic it means we have a choice in every situation whether or not to use them. Frankly, choosing not to just isn’t acceptable.

Here we go…

Be curious

This value is about creativity.
Ideas are the very core of what we do here, and we believe they can be found everywhere, by everyone. We always aim to surprise and delight and we hold ourselves up to that standard. It means we always need to be prepared to question and push ourselves to find the right answer, not just the first one.

Make it happen

This value is about getting stuff done. We’re quick to understand problems and identify opportunities, and we’re proactive in solving things. If we get stuck we ask for help, respecting the promises we make to each other. It means we always deliver what’s needed, and we take pride in doing so.

Solve it together

This value is about communication.  Sharing different views, perspectives, ways of doing things make us better. We believe we can always learn from each other, giving clear and honest feedback in a supportive environment. This means we need to create an environment that welcomes open and honest feedback, as this gets the best results.

Fire in your belly

This value is about ambition. When you join Curious, you understand we’re here to do something. Everyone has a role to play in the success we create for ourselves. It means we truly believe in creating the very best work, and that’s what gets us out of bed every day.

Now the real work has to begin in terms of how we can live up to these pretty big statements. We won’t always get it right – and that’s ok. Because we genuinely believe that these four values will keep guiding us forwards, allowing us to tackle the hard days and enjoy the good days – always pushing to be better than the day before.

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