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How To Build Brand Consistency

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What do the most recognized brands have in common? Simply put, they present a coherent message to their customers. This includes everything they do from design and words, through to product development.

How do they do it? And what’s the secret to unlocking this potential?

Building brand consistency

Nowadays it’s not just all about the price. Purchasing is often more of an emotional experience than a practical one. A target audience trust their favourite brands and return to them again and again. They know what to expect and they reward that with loyalty.

Your most valuable key business asset is your brand – but you already know that. The question is how do you capitalise on it? Developing an understanding of your organisation’s vision and values is the first step. You can then focus on building clear brand guidelines. In turn, this gives your team the tools they need to create a clear identity and deliver your core message.

Why is it so important? What’s the value to the business?

Develop brand presence

By developing your brand presence you’ll be able to turn consumers into shoppers. And  engage them. And retain them. You’ll be able to build relationships with both existing and potential customers. Then they’ll start to identify with your brand and enjoy the experience.

The Swoosh.
Consider Nike. Their loyal customers know what to expect when they hear the name, see the advertising or just spot the Nike logo. Their brand is embedded in everything they do. Thus Nike can retain their status as the leading – and most recognized – global apparel brand.


Do you want to share some of the glory? In order to create and present a cohesive brand to an audience a certain amount of rigour has to be applied behind the scenes. The practical bit.

Create brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are the foundation of brand consistency standards. They ensure that all communications are on-point and consistent. They’re the rules. They guarantee that regardless of the format or touchpoint, anyone engaging with the brand will enjoy the same experience.

The guidelines are core to the way the company presents itself – being flexible enough to allow for creativity but prescriptive enough to keep your brand recognizable. Here are five tools you can add to your armoury:

What benefits will brand guidelines bring to the business?

Consumers trust the brand they know. Creating a brand with personality goes a long way to developing and cementing that vital relationship between brands and their customers.

Inspiring brand trust

We’re all creatures of habit. We’re reassured by consistency and knowing what to expect (however adventurous we like to think we are). McDonalds are a good example of a leading global brand which embraces the benefits that this behaviour can bring. Customers know what to expect from McDonalds wherever they are in the world. Their branding and products are consistent across the globe.

One the flip side, less successful brands can alienate their potential customers. They’re inconsistent. They’re unpredictable. They send out mixed signals. So, as consumers, we don’t remember them.

Do you want to distinguish yourself from the herd?

It’s time to create a compelling and impactful brand to ensure that today’s customers know what to expect. Steal a march on your competitors. By creating consistency throughout your brand you’re giving your customers what they want and they’ll be back.

In summary, consistency within your brand allows you to build a stronger identity. It ensures you deliver a more cohesive message. It builds on the trust of your target audience. Be curious. How can you help your customers to build a relationship with your brand?

If you'd like some answers, come in and see us for a free fintech brand audit. We're naturally curious.

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