Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order? Do fish ever sleep? Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected? Come and join us in that lovely place between the unknown and the known.

Never stop exploring

Our promise to everyone we welcome on the team. Creativity is a continual process of learning and we aim to replicate that with the work we do and the way we do it. A start up that’s finding a new way to access cancer treatment or an energy company that can turn your takeaway coffee cup into jet fuel –  just a taste of what your day could be.


Looking for a new agency ‘home’?

Lots to get stuck into. Loads to learn. And an ambitious Curious brand to help build even further. If that sounds exciting, come and say hello.


Life happens

We like to look after the whole ‘you’. Not just the ‘you’ at work. People-y things in our company are important to us. Because amazing work can only happen if you feel amazing in the first place. So from health insurance provided by Vitality to a Curiosity Exploration and Training budget, we make sure we take care of all the talent that comes through our door.


Current opportunities

While we’re not actively hiring for a specific role, we are always curious about talented, ambitious, interesting people. Feel free to introduce yourself.

Fresh out of Uni?

We want to support grads by offering a 4-week paid placement at Curious, working on real client business. Feel free to knock on our door and tell us why we should be curious about you.

Work with us

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