Doing absolutely everything with absolute care


GLH is the private hire company that gets the small things right. A few swift turns and you’re at your meeting ahead of time. An extra layer of bubble wrap when they see your parcel is fragile. Their focus is different; for 50 years GLH have been quietly perfecting their customer service. The time had come to bring out their warm, caring, human personality in their brand.

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The private hire sector is cluttered with messages and all very generic in our opinion. GLH is a company with genuine family values and a caring ethos that permeates right through to their drivers, riders, and controllers. Our research showed that they can demonstrate how they are better, what they do differently, the lengths to which they go for every client and customer.

We created a range of ‘brand personas’ – from Swift Navigator and Shortcut Creator to Time Redeemer and Wish Granter – to reinforce the expertise of GLH and the personality of the brand.
We developed a completely new visual identity to capture the warm and caring personality of the company. We created a simple logo together with a bold and distinctive G marque – the dynamic, confident arrow demonstrates that GLH are masters of the road.

This is a new look and feel for GLH – new colour palette, imagery, tone of voice… we were delighted to bring the new brand to life with a new website and implement the visual identity across everything they do from vehicle signage to uniforms and receipts.

Photography: Darryl Vides–Kennedy

“The team at Curious were a pleasure to work with from start to finish and made the process both enjoyable and enlightening. They challenged us and our way of thinking which I felt was most important and produced great results. Curious really captured us as a business and now our brand truly represents who we are.”

Zoë Walsh, Sales and Customer Relations Director, GLH

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