Can a brand be fierce yet graceful at the same time?

CLIENT: Fierce Grace

There are many types of yoga systems from Ashtanga to Lyengar to Bikram, but not many have a strong market presence as a ‘brand’. Fierce Grace is a new powerful system led by a respected yoga teacher with four great studios in London. They need a brand that embodies the Fierce Grace values – unpretentious, real and welcoming to everyone.

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We were careful to create the feeling of a different yoga brand – without all the mock spiritual head bowing, meditation and chanting. Fierce Grace is authentic, the real thing, and we needed to develop an identity that stands outside the category.

The brand design and logo needed to capture the vision of Michele Pernetta, the highly regarded yoga expert behind its creation. “I became fascinated by yoga’s ability to balance strength, which is the masculine element (Fierce) with flexibility, the feminine element (Grace)”.

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