Turning complexity into simplicity


The world of data networks is undergoing massive change. CBNL is pioneering the development and implementation of next generation microwave transmission technology. Innovative solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of data saturated mobile networks.

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CBNL have a mission to transform network operator’s backhaul strategies allowing them to cope with the ‘perfect storm’ – the pressure of data on their network. The challenge CBNL have is that they are often perceived as being a start-up and smaller than they actually are. We were tasked with developing a new corporate identity to reflect the established, forward thinking company they had become, and the growth and stature they were fast achieving.

Technology products can come across as dry and difficult to explain. We wanted to bring to life the innovation and inventiveness CBNL offers network operators, creating a consistently branded family of marketing materials. From their new website to the corporate brochure, we developed an illustration system for the brand to highlight the different network packages CBNL can tailor to audiences.

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