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CLIENT: Colony

Colony aims to change the way fans watch and engage with films online. Disappointed with the video-on-demand industry’s lack of vision, diversity or innovation, they challenged the landscape. Fans want a deeper, richer film experience. Colony creates immersive extra content, curated to bring fans closer to the film and the talent.

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The Colony brand needed to move forward, to reflect the excitement contained in its new values and the vision at the heart of its world-leading award-winning platform. We created a unique identity to capture Colony’s passion and enthusiasm for film and extra content. We designed a powerful marque; different layers within the ‘C’ to visually demonstrate the depth of enjoyment and the desire fans have to delve into a rich film world.

Our new branding and tool kit successfully distinguishes Colony from mass distributors such as Netflix. The identity puts a quality film experience at the centre of the brand and seeks to build a young and engaged global community of fans connected by a shared passion.

Our new identity can be seen across all touch points. Visitors to the new website are rewarded with a different and better experience. Not to mention content you can’t get anywhere else.

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