Constructing a career path around you


The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is launching an Academy to provide education and training to the construction industry. We were tasked with creating a new brand from scratch and moving the Academy into a new world of dynamic and practical learning. Developing an inspirational community built around the needs and advances of the changing construction landscape.

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We created a strategy that positions the Academy as your supportive career mentor. Embedded in the new identity, there’s a feeling that this is for me and my industry: ‘My Academy’. ‘My’ becomes an empowering voice that makes the construction industry accessible and personal. The career goals employees previously thought were unachievable, costly and for the elite are now within easy reach.

While creating a confident and nurturing brand, the design clearly employs the visual language of the construction world. Bright yellow is an industrial colour clearly signaling the Academy provides the tools you need to climb the ladder.

The new Academy brand brings a welcome feeling of radical newness and change, distinguishing it from other competing educational establishments.

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