Continuing the conversation post-purchase?


When you’re spending a lot of money on a premium steam oven, ‘How to’ manuals are not a very personal welcome to your new kitchen appliance. We developed a positive experience for the post-purchase phase, and created a range of high-value ‘On-Boarding’ tools designed to work right across Europe and reward customer loyalty.

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Research shows that consumers felt it was a radical change cooking with steam. This insight gave us the perfect platform to create ‘On-Boarding’ communications that inspire customers to learn about steam cooking and enjoy extraordinary taste. A Perfect Start kit full of advice, support, information and free gifts welcomes them to the AEG world. Once registration is complete, they can download a free ipad app of delicious recipes, and receive a hardbound AEG cook book - 264 pages of culinary inspiration featuring the cooking secrets of renowned chefs. The recipes showcase beautifully how to cook with steam.

The ‘On-Boarding’ experience taps into the consumer passion for creating great tasting food, inviting them to cooking classes, and linking them to online demos to learn the secrets of steam cooking. Our post-purchase tools allow AEG to build loyalty and engagement through an inspirational conversation.

Photography: Rob White
Food Stylist: Annie Nichols

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