Creating a sense of belonging for a vibrant hospitality brand

CLIENT: Host hospitality

Host are experts in hospitality. From high-end VIP boxes at large arenas to intimate private functions, they understand events. For clients looking for staff, Host are a valuable extension of their team. For candidates looking to work flexibly, they are a cool company offering full training. We created an aspirational brand with a new compelling name that people wanted to work with and for.

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All hospitality companies are similar. They promise the same things. We looked deeper and defined a unique emotional positioning for their brand. We discovered that both candidates and clients feel part of the Host community - a sense of belonging and partnership became central to their new identity.

A brand that people can ‘belong’ to and connect with was brought to life within a new visual identity. The logo captures the feeling of clients and candidates coming together, forming happy working relationships. Host is the vibrant hub with open lines of communication that makes work flow smoothly and freely.

We helped to create a brand where clients feel there is a hospitality
partner always ready to respond to their needs. And candidates
are empowered to work when it best suits their lives.

The brand, designed to be both client and candidate facing, was developed to include a new name, website, tone of voice, roll out
collaterals and a new app.

Photography: Ben Fisher 

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