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CLIENT: Prime Purchase

Prime Purchase is a leading buying agent in the UK, offering a range of exclusive services to help their clients locate the right property and seal the deal. Private residence, investment, urban or rural, they spend time getting to know all the requirements, viewing properties on your behalf so you only see those that match your criteria.

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Their market knowledge is incredible, and they are seriously well connected, gaining access to many properties before they even come on the market. They needed to communicate that they are better – better at sourcing, better at advising, better at negotiating, and better at post sales.
It was important that we confirmed the reasons why you would go to Prime Purchase and not to anyone else. But we wanted to convey this in a refreshing way as opposed to the usual estate agent ‘here’s a nice house’ shot.

We developed the engaging idea of distinctive spaces, and linked this to emotive messaging and photography. Space to discover, space to celebrate, space to cherish… the communication appealed to your aspirations while copy confirmed the Prime Purchase proof points. Distinctive spaces became our umbrella concept that could then be applied to any marketing communication. So far we have developed a brochure for the brand and their intermediaries, and ads that have run regionally in the UK.

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