A brand for a world that’s constantly moving

CLIENT: ECA International

When companies want to move their people around the world, ECA International is the leading authority on global mobility data. Highly specialised in enabling productivity for businesses, the ECA brand itself, however, needed to be moved on.

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We were tasked with moving the ECA brand forward to reflect its dynamic values. We developed a core idea - For a world that’s constantly moving - to inject confidence and consistency into the brand.

The B2B brand has been reinvigorated with a new look and feel and imagery that energises both ECA clients and staff. Layered numbers were used as a graphic device to create movement within the design and the icons feel as if they have just ‘moved in’ on to the page.

We have brought the brand to life with guidelines, a brand book, and corporate literature, as well as a brand video for use at conferences and seminars.

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