How do you look good for longer?

CLIENT: Electrolux

Would you trust a washing machine or a tumble dryer with your best cashmere jumper? Machine washing or drying delicate fabrics has long been a concern. Consumers worry about shrinking their woollens or damaging silk clothes. Our task was to offer reassurance that the new laundry range from Electrolux offers exceptional fabric care.

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We were briefed to develop an integrated campaign with an impactful central theme that would encompass the UltraCare Eco washing machine, the DelicateCare tumble dryer as well as the FlexManager washing machine. It was important to communicate that the new laundry range from Electrolux can wash and dry clothes with great cleaning results while being kind to delicate fabrics.

We devised the line ‘Keep your favourites looking good again and again’ to overcome the barriers of washing or drying woollens and silk in machines. We created a ghosted visual line-up, a repeat of the same outfit worn at different occasions, to convey the idea that clothes can look good no matter how many times you wash them. An engaging idea to demonstrate that delicate fabrics don’t shrink, but will hold their shape and colour, and look good for longer.

For each machine, we styled a different model to photograph creating a set of close-up images of the fabrics to highlight the quality of the materials, and visually show that your favourite clothes are in safe hands. With a range of imagery, we were able to extend the campaign across many creative deliverables from catalogues and leaflets to point of sale and online.

Photography: Helen McArdle, David Lidbetter
Stylist: Kate Morris

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