Everyone can belong

CLIENT: consonant

Consonant, formerly known as the Migrants Resource Centre, help migrants and refugees build a new life in Britain. They needed a new brand and a new name to reflect the ambitions of the charity and their important growing scope of work.

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We developed a brand with a simple purpose at its heart: to celebrate uniqueness. Integration isn’t about everybody becoming the same. The brand we wanted to create embraces a vibrant and inclusive community – where everyone can live and work together.

We wanted a name that alluded to the charity’s specialist work on community dialogue and their English language training. Consonant was born not just for its association with speech but also because of its meaning – ‘in harmony with’. It was important to demonstrate the practical help they offer; vital for people to progress forward and live a better life.

No matter what your background, Consonant offers a future; a home. The logo design captures the brand idea: Everyone can belong.
We wanted to communicate the positive effect of living
in a diverse community.

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