Giving age a voice


Doro make smartphones. They develop the products and services that enable the over 65s to lead full and rich lives. Our challenge was two fold: first we needed to define the brand; reposition Doro’s strategic foundations, and then with our creative springboard in place, we could work on the brief for the new visual identity.

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Our main sensitivity to overcome was how can we talk to the over 65 market without stigmatising people or being patronizing. Doro needs to be different; it needs to stand for something and live by its values. It was important to develop a platform which would gives us the opportunity to articulate what the Doro brand was really about.

We gave Doro a cause: to make Age a life stage of opportunity, empowerment and enjoyment. Age should not define people; it’s what you do and get out of life that’s important. We developed a manifesto to define what the brand stands for, how it should behave and act. Through our new guidelines, Doro can own a bigger, optimistic space, and position themselves as the experts on Age.

We created a new visual identity to bring the new brand voice alive. A new look and feel reflective of real people, inspiring our audience to live life the way they want… to the full. Having evolved the brand, we are now able to develop product and service communications based on Doro’s core beliefs about Age.

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