Giving every product its own digital DNA

CLIENT: Kezzler

Kezzler wants to change global business practices by making every single product item on earth digitally unique and interactive. They have the technology to generate 1 billion codes in 46 seconds – powerful connections to everything you need to see throughout the entire life of a product. Their intelligence is truly remarkable. It was time to make their brand feel exceptional too.

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Kezzler’s mass serialisation codes mark and identify products. Instantly, you can track them, trace them, authenticate them, safeguard them, learn about them. Even engage in a personal brand relationship. For producers and consumers alike, the benefits are huge.

Our challenge was two fold: we needed to create a feeling of confidence around the brand that was currently lacking. Kezzler are at the forefront of mass encryption technology, it was important our new identity propelled them forward, and made them ‘obsessive’, ‘fearless’ and ‘dynamic’. We also needed to develop a clear explanation of the technology and why it is simply better.

We created a clear ‘dot and line’ graphic system that captures the essence of what the Kezzler technology is about: namely, powerful connections to a world of information. We used this device to develop the logo, the look and feel of the brand, animation, the website, and to define the different benefits to producers and consumers through iconography. We found it truly amazing that every product can, in effect, have its own unique DNA.

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