How do twelve companies act as one?

CLIENT: Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller manages some of the leading insurance mutuals in the world in the international transport and professional indemnity sectors. They also run other specialist insurance businesses, and asset management services. It was important to consider the relationship between the individual firms and Thomas Miller, delivering independence with a family feel.

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We created a structure for the brand architecture, and brought Thomas Miller up-to-date with a set of values that better reflects a leadership positioning. We introduced a new colour palette and imagery, redefined their typography, and created a new look and feel for the brand. This gave Thomas Miller a fresh, confident way of presenting themselves to the world.

Once we established their identity, we worked this through to the other businesses, from UK P&I to TT Club. We created a coherent whole that recognised the separate communications requirements of each individual company. The result is a design system that reflects the leadership position of Thomas Miller, and creates a family feel.

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