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CLIENT: Sappi Europe

Sappi Magno is one of the most versatile papers globally available, providing a vast choice in grades and capabilities. For the Sappi Magno campaign we combined the themes of gastronomy and printing to inspire our audience and bring the range of possibilities to life.

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Magno has many unique qualities. It offers the widest range of weights and surfaces with consistency guaranteed worldwide. It also provides extraordinary print detail and colour intensity. We needed to showcase these benefits within a practical ‘Swatchbook’ that printers and designers use to select the paper they want.

We developed a theme of gastronomy to showcase the benefits of the paper. We created a
 unique ingredient colour bar (featuring ultra sharp and vibrant images 
from photographer Rob White) that moved through a white to black 
colour spectrum, as well as a texture spectrum – from rough to smooth. 

Each part of the bar represented a different type of paper – from uncoated (bulbs of garlic) to shiny (glossy blackberries). Within the Swatchbook we also demonstrated different finishing techniques (including a scented sealer) and provided recipe inspiration for apricots, courgettes and blackberries. So while flicking through the book to decide exactly which paper stock to use, there’s something to tempt the taste buds too.

Photography: Rob White, David Loftus

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