How do you improve on perfection?


AEG’s brand had come to be seen as rather cold and mechanical – out of kilter with its desired positioning of ‘perfection with a human dimension’. We were tasked with rebalancing the brand, making sure the emotional values were equally represented.

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We introduced a stronger sense of warmth and humanity with a new colour palette and striking food photography (courtesy of renowned food photographer Rob White). The result is a brand that once again lives up to the ‘perfekt in form und funktion’ promise.

If your retailers aren’t excited about your latest launch, what hope is there for your end customers? When AEG were ready to reveal their new range of appliances, we came up with a campaign concept that got both retailers and consumers excited. Supporting the launch across 17 European countries, we created the Neue Kollektion. We developed sell-in and sell-out materials designed to catch attention and create desire, from a bespoke retailer pack to in-store cookbooks, carrier bags, tags and literature.

Photography: Rob White
Trade Show Design: D'Art-Design Gruppe

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