How do you keep silks looking silky?


Consumers are afraid to wash or dry their delicate fabrics in the machine. Always a step ahead, AEG wanted to convince them otherwise, and demonstrate through advancements in technology that silk blouses and cashmere jumpers can be handled with great care and also in a sustainable way.

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AEG work to minimise the impact washing and drying clothes has on the environment by developing laundry appliances with best energy, water, detergent efficiency while, at the same time, gently caring for clothes so they last longer. We created the image portfolio for the AEG Laundry Category; producing photography designed to reassure and highlight the many benefits of AEG’s hero range.

Rather than cold product shots, we wanted to show a warm, emotional connection with clothes. Nowadays, we need our washing machines and dryers to accommodate our busy lifestyles so it was important to reflect the complete range of different garments from hand-wash only to sportswear in our imagery – not just wool and silk.

We developed three tiers of photography for use across all retail platforms – on product communications, catalogues, leaflets, banners, and digital. It was important to capture an emotional connection with clothes. We also shot close up imagery to demonstrate gentle fabric care, and icon photography to showcase product benefits.

Photography: Paul Blundell, Rob White
Stylist: Sara Darling

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