How do you measure experience?


MESH Planning measures experiences. They look at how people experience brands, and what they think about them. Using Real Time Experience Tracking, MESH finds the actionable insights that help companies understand the impact of their marketing.

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As a company redefining how research should be done, MESH needed an identity that fitted their unique approach, and set them apart. We wanted to put brand experience at the heart of the new logo design. To do this, we created a ‘capture’ device – a space located within the mark specifically to capture experience. This has been designed to highlight a moment, convey a message, a thought, an inspiration. It’s an impactful device that visually indicates how consumers interact with and feel about a brand.

Having created a memorable focal point for MESH, we considered how this could be used across a whole suite of creative deliverables, on and offline. We looked at their photography, colour palette, typography and tone of voice, making sure the entire toolkit reflected the intelligent and fresh nature of the MESH brand. We have created an identity that fits this very special company, and inspires research buyers to want to experience them.

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