Can you capture confidence in change?

CLIENT: FutureBridge

FutureBridge connects businesses with new, emerging, disruptive technologies. Rather than be challenged by change, they help companies seek it out, apply it and make progress.

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Before FutureBridge could use their emerging technology market intelligence to move other companies forward, they first needed a bold, dynamic new brand to take their own business into the future.

Based in Mumbai but working around the world, this company, previously known as Cheers Interactive, they needed a forward-looking, brave identity and brand name that captures the depth of capability, vision and entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of the company.

The identity we developed is based on a simple central concept: we see the answer. FutureBridge sees progress for their clients; they take them into new dimensions of thinking – enabling the future to happen. They are a bridge to ideas and reinvention; they connect businesses to change.

With this core thinking and positioning in place, we founded a new name and created the equals symbol using the ‘F”.

The new identity makes a confident statement. FutureBridge puts technologies and companies together from around the world for their mutual benefit. They champion change; they have the answer. The new brand now positions FutureBridge as a game-changer in competitive intelligence. Full stop.

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