Making people your most powerful asset

CLIENT: Poppulo

Newsweaver (formerly known as) wanted to shed their perception of just being an email marketing software supplier to the B2B communications market. After immersing ourselves in their brand and their new business trajectory (questioning, challenging, digging deeper in our charming Curious way), their ambitions clearly lay in becoming the global leaders in internal communications.

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Our repositioning task firstly led us to create a new name. It was important to elevate the brand above intelligent email technology and put an emotional purpose at the heart of it. The company’s core belief is that people, quite rightly, are a powerful asset in an organisation. People are your business, your culture, your success and internal comms is one way to engage and value employees, and share the bigger company picture. Poppulo is the Latin word for people. So Poppulo it was.

We wanted to develop a look and feel that reflects their new positioning as brand leaders in the internal communications space. We took the ‘P’ from Poppulo and made it dynamic and expressive – reminiscent of a speech mark to signal that Poppulo is transforming how employees communicate with each other in the workplace. Staff feel a sense of empowerment as a result, which we defined as the Poppulo Effect.

With the name and the new identity in place, we developed a new website to bring the brand to life. We also developed all the assets, the primary and secondary colour palette, new photography, moving image, iconography, graphics and messaging.

Photography: Kerry Harrison

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