Can renting make sense?

CLIENT: Aventier

Aventier is a different kind of landlord. They have looked at the property market, and developed a unique rental concept that offers tenants a better deal with no deposit or fees up front. It’s clever letting that treats people fairly and with respect, and because Aventier are also property developers, they offer tenants a superior spec of property – from taps to appliances.

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Aventier offers ‘better live-ability’. Or in other words, a refreshing approach to renting property that removes the complexity and turns the negative landlord-tenant relationship into a positive experience. We were tasked with capturing this difference within the market, generating the brand name, logo and the new identity.

We created a confident look and feel that reflects Aventier’s no nonsense, honest approach. The logo features a distinctive ‘pin point’ device which we flowed across all communications from the website to advertising to create standout for the brand. This also serves as a design tool to relay bite size copy messages in a straightforward way. The ‘pin point’ allows Aventier to be transparent and open in everything they wish to communicate. No confusion, just simple and no jargon.

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