What does more ‘oomph’ look like?


Numis is recognised as one of the UK’s leading independent institutional stockbrokers and corporate advisors. They offer their clients a first class service from advising in mergers and acquisitions to providing in depth research that advises individuals and companies where to invest.

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At the heart of Numis is a bold, confident spirit driven by hard working, client focused people. The feeling was, however, that their identity no longer looked leading edge. It was clear they didn’t fit within their current brand. We created a new brand toolkit to reflect the way Numis had progressed as a company. We refreshed the logo making it more dynamic and contemporary, introduced a new colour palette that delivered gravitas, and created supporting secondary colours to brighten and add clarity to complex information.

It was important to dial up the company’s infectious energy while keeping communications clear and straightforward. We developed a simple graphic ‘coin’ device inspired by the Numis name (Numismatic which means coin collecting or wealth) to add stature. And followed this through by creating imagery with a circular theme for consistency. The result is an updated, modern brand that captures the positive values of a successful company whether you are looking at their website, proposal or report covers, and even stationery. There’s no mistaking, across every deliverable, that the brand represents the confidence that exists within the company.

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