Pioneers with a vision

CLIENT: AEG Mastery Range

Our client, AEG, has recently gone through an exciting refresh of their premium brand. A visionary pioneer, always one step ahead, they believe in intelligent technology and exceptional performance. Their aim is to help you take anything you do at home to the next level.

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Taking this passion and new visual identity as our start point, we were tasked with launching the new AEG Mastery Range across Europe in both the kitchen and retail channels. It was important to bring the new brand to life in-store, to attract, inspire and convert shoppers into owners of AEG appliances.

We designed a new catalogue format with an accompanying catalogue toolkit for markets to use. We brought the range to life with animation in-store and took the communication through to on product, also creating the toolkits, and produced a series of five mini brochures for each product in the Mastery Range and an overarching mini brochure.

By engaging our consumer and trade audiences with inspiring and innovative content, we were able to demonstrate how AEG can help you take anything you do in the home to the next level.

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