Reflecting company culture from the inside

CLIENT: Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP)

You can sense the culture of the Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) as soon as you step into their offices. Energy is high, their people have a positive can-do attitude, and they are relentlessly committed to delivering services that make lives easier for their tenants. Their internal environment was missing one essential ingredient: the visual impact that celebrates the ambition and innovative spirit at the heart of RHP.

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RHP is a genuinely human company; they are not overly corporate. To reflect their refreshing brand personality, we used location and space playfully, positioning messages on pillars, in stairwells, near light switches or windows for that extra smile in the mind. Employees love being inspired by their environment; we wanted our internal communications campaign to be energising and motivational; the big, bold graphics certainly say RHP are confident and excited about the future.

It is always such a great opportunity, in fact a pleasure, to take a strong company ethos and bring it to life in a creative way. Throughout the entire three floors of their Teddington office space, we created an impactful visual language to reflect how things work at RHP – how talented employees work together to achieve their goal of revolutionising the housing sector.

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